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The Goal

Provide tailor-made and innovative solutions to the needs of laboratories and Bioproduction


RFID Tracking System for Laboratories

Bio-Sail Lab Track is designed to track anything that needs to be tracked and is taggable in a research laboratory setting

It uses RFID or barcode for tracking primarily within laboratory facilities, but maybe extrapolate to production

It supports RFID, barcode 1D, 2D, Data Matrix (or even GPS), and any of their combinations.


Monitoring of all your samples: hierarchical storage of samples and sub-samples both at room temperature, at high and ultra-low temperature, aqueous, aggressive, corrosive or restrictive media

List and track all of your laboratory’s resources
(and link all associated information)

Personalized badges
for users and visitors

Access control to the laboratory

Real-time inventory control and valuation
(designing of an internal “supply center”)


The software SaiLab Manager is offered in several versions :

  • On a simple PC
  • A local server
  • On your cloud
  • Other…


In the process of certification

Track Every Aspect of your Laboratory Environment

System Integrators

We have the technology to support you.

We can help you tailor a Bio-Sail Lab Track system to the needs of your environment, including custom reports and software solutions combined with all the right hardware to help track the most important assets in the research world. and production

Our expert and exclusive partner, db tech group, will help us conceptualize your specifications, and will provide efficient and responsive assistance during and after the installation of your “tailor-made” system.

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